You may always contact E.T. for:

  • You are planning a trip to Macau and need free advises and suggestions
  • You are coming to Macau for a leisure trip, something you want to know about Macau, but you do not know who to ask and where to find the information
  • Anything you want to share and discuss about Macau leisure lifestyle
  • Any comments or advises you want to share about E.T. Style of Macau blog
  • If you would like a interpreter and at the same time can be your local guide (not tour guide). Minimum 2 hours, hourly, half day (4 hours), full day (8 hours), 2 full days special offer, 3 full days in a row super wow offer.
    Sample itinerary for your reference!
    Link: Sample local experience itinerary! 建議行程本地體驗!

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @etstyleofmacau

以下的疑難, 都可隨時聯絡 E.T. :

  • Plan 緊來澳門吃、喝、玩、樂,但想要d 意見
  • 已plan 好來澳玩, 但有資料想搵, 唔知去邊度搵或問邊個
  • 想同E.T. 探討澳門生活、吃、喝、玩、樂
  • 口痕?有意見?E.T. 都好鍾意
  • 本地翻譯, 但你看得懂中文, 好明顯你唔需要, 但你否有朋友來自遠方而他/她又唔識中文?都可以搵E.T. 幫幫手, 因為你都要返工的…如何全日招呼到呢.

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