I am E.T., my name initial. E.T. is a cute outsider who wants to understand human and earth by finger touch. I act as the bridge/the finger touch to connect outside visitors and locals of Macau. This biggest mission is to discover hidden cool experiences together in Macau.

I was born in Macau, in the 1980s. I can speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin at this moment. I did learn a bit Hong Kong Sign Languages, Macau Sign Languages, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Japanese, but none of those can be listed on my CV… yet.

Credibility: My mother tongue is Cantonese, worked in few years in travel agency and a few years in hotels. In my blood and heart, I am in all mind to tell everyone how awesome and wonderful Macau is.

  1. Good travel guide and lifestyle guide of Macau for the upcoming visitors, travellers, and Macau local people. Information is free.
  2. Come on! Macau is not only about casinos. I am going to throw you fruitful of Macau experience with nothing about casinos.
  3. Can explore the destination like a local resident.

Here come the long stories why I start this blog:

  1. Friend of mine work as a Sales in a famous media / information company. He said, due to evolution of www, basically information nowadays is free. Many people might not need to hire private inspector to check on their suspicious spouse, or might not need to hire someone to a company background check, as they can do it on their own. However, our company provides professionalism, credibility, and organise the accurate information for our clients, which including many bank companies, listed companies,…etc. Yes, they sell information. That’s when I agree to the point information is free. This is giving me the reason to do a blog with free information with centralising the information a visitors need.
  2. Wherever I have been to, whomever I have met, people in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, or somewhere farther, they always say, “Macau? You work in casinos?” It drives me crazy when people think Macau is casino city and with nothing else to do. So this blog is to flip them over.
  3. When I travel to other places, I want to explore the destination like a local resident. I am not that into history or buildings or sightseeings (maybe one or two famous sights, but definitely not like typical tour visit). I just like to find a local friend or hire a local guide to be my guide. I do my hair, do manicure / pedicure, buy groceries, cooking, etc. If you like this kind of style, you find the right guide – E.T.

You may always contact E.T. for:

  • You are planning a trip to Macau and need free advises and suggestions
  • You are coming to Macau for a leisure trip, something you want to know about Macau, but you do not know who to ask and where to find the information
  • Anything you want to share and discuss about Macau leisure lifestyle
  • Any comments or advises you want to share about E.T. Style of Macau blog
  • If you would like a interpreter and at the same time can be your local guide (not tour guide). Minimum 2 hours, hourly, half day (4 hours), full day (8 hours), 2 full days special offer, 3 full days in a row super wow offer.Sample itinerary for your reference!
    Link: Sample local experience itinerary! 建議行程本地體驗!

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