Save the Date!

Local Food Experience (The More is Less!)

Do you want to eat with the locals? Do you want to try the real local food, definitely the authentic ones.  If yes, please join this event, you can name your date. I will post this event according to your desired date.

11:30am Meet up at Senado Square (will inform the exact location 1 day before)

11:45am Sit at the local food area and I will help order food
12:00pm Start our local food experience!!
**During this meal time, I can provide guidance and tips to get around Macau if guests can show me the itinerary plan, so, guests can go off to explore around Macau alone.

Dec 2, 2017 (Saturday) : 1 person will attend

The More People Attend, The Less You Will Need to Pay:

Admission Fee:
1 Person : HK$60
2 – 5 PPL : HK$50 each
6 – 10PPL: HK$40 each
11 – 15PPL: HK$30 each
16 – 20PPL: HK$20 each
21 – 25PPL: HK$15 each
26 – 30PPL: HK$10 each
31 – 40PPL: HK$8 each
41 PPL + : HK$ 5 each

1.As this is not a prepaid event, there might be no shows. Thus, the number of people do not depends on RSVP list.
2.Meal budget: HKD $ 15-50 per person (may vary depends on one’s appetite?). 
Food fee is not included in admission fee.
3.Please let me know if you have any food allergic or anything you can’t eat beforehand, so I know if it is good for you to go.
4.The event will be automatically treated as cancelled if no one RSVP by 1 day before the event.

Sign up / Inquiry:
Whatsapp: +85366445406 / Email:

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