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A story about E. T. Style of Macau


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E.T. is a cute outsider who is curious and wants to understand human and earth by finger touch. I am E.T., but I am not a Macau outsider, the fact is my name initial. E.T.

I act as the bridge, the “finger touch” to connect outside visitors and locals of Macau. My biggest mission is to discover hidden cool experiences with the tourists / visitors together in Macau.

Save the Date!

Local Food Experience (The More is Less!)

Do you want to eat with the locals? Do you want to try the real local food, definitely the authentic ones.  If yes, please join this event, you can name your date. I will post this event according to your desired date.

11:30am Meet up at Senado Square (will inform the exact location 1 day before)

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