Local food is not what you think it is…

A story about local food…

Worst meal of the day…

“Oh damn! Not again!” I said when I just ate a spoonful of “non-spicy” food. 

Yes. I don’t like spicy food, I hate spicy food, I can’t stand spicy food.

“Water! Water! Water” Then I quickly grabbed my water and poured them down to cool my burning throat.

This was the third or fourth time already in this spicy Seoul city.

15 minutes ago. I was hungry. My friend needed to work, so I walked around in my friend’s neighbourhood by myself. I passed by this small restaurant, please don’t ask me why did I choose this one, because I could not remember.

I went in and just sat at a empty table. A middle aged lady which I believe the Korean call “A-Ju-Ma” gave a piece of paper, which it seems to be the menu.

korean food menu etstyleofmacau

Wow. Great! There were no English words, no pictures, no photos, and just Korean texts. There are no way I could understand what food they have here.

Well by all means, I am fine to eat anything just nothing spicy, like 0% spiciness. So I used google translate to find the word “no spicy”, then I showed the lady, I pointed to the menu paper, then I pointed to the Korean word “no spicy”.

It looked like she understands what I wanted to say. Her finger shoved down the menu list, and pointed out a few items.  I just randomly picked one of them.

Up till here, I think everyone can pretty much guess what happened. What I had ordered, it turned out to be a dish of curry rice. To me, it was superb spiciness. This incident was not the first time. I couldn’t tell what happen, the Korean lady mistaken that I wanted spicy food? Or to the Korean, the curry rice is not spicy at all? Due to language barrier, I could not take a further step to clarify why did this happen. I did not dare to take one more bite. I paid and left.

korean curry rice etstyleofmacau

I really wanted to cry, as it is hard crawling in the Seoul city searching for food I can eat.


Best meal of the day…

Later in the evening, my friend, Isabella, finally finished her work. Isabella just moved to Seoul 4 months ago, she teaches English here. We were going to meet my another friend, Ron, who is my very first Korean friend. His friend has a pub in Gangnam, so we were heading there for our dinner as well.

We arrived at the pub and saw Ron was in front of the pub helping his friend to grill the skewers.

“This is Daniel.” Ron introduced his friend to us.

“Let’s come on inside, it’s too cold outside.” Ron said.

pub skewer etstyleofmacau

We went to sit inside, so Chef Ron and Chef Daniel kept on their cooking work.  I looked around the surrounding. I saw so many celebrities photos with autograph. I was amazed.  This place was sure popular!

In a short while later, we could smell the mouthwatering grill skewers coming to our table. It all looked so good! Daniel knew that I don’t eat spicy food, he made a kimchi pancake with no spiciness. I am very grateful for his work on the pancake. It is so delicious and the chicken skewers, the beef skewers,…etc.

“Hey Daniel. Your pub must be really popular, I saw so many famous artists on your wall with autograph.” I was so curious, couldn’t help to ask.

“Haha.  Those are not real!” Daniel said.

“Huh. Not real?” Isabella and I were so surprised.

“Yeah. Fake autograph. Just bought some photos and did the autograph myself, then put on the wall.” Daniel said.

korean pub autograph etstyleofmacau

We all laughed.

It was a wonderful night to taste the local food. We laughed and talked the whole night. I learnt some Korean words, some Korean culture, some of their cultures and secrets.
Guess what. We came back for dinner again the next day.
The end.


E.T.’s definition of local food.

Local food is brought to you by a local friend. It is not just easily found on magazine, tripadvisor, forum, blog, or guidebook…etc. Even if you have a full address of really delicious hidden gem, it may turn out to be a bad experience. Miscommunication, might order the wrong food, might not know what to order, might spend a lot of time looking for that place,…etc.

If you don’t know anyone in that unfamiliar city or town, it depends on your luck whether you can find the food you want.

This is why I am suggesting that you can contact me to be your local guide for 2 hours or 4 hours?

What do you think?

More information about local guide service.

pork chop bun etstyleofmacau
Macau local food, pork chop bun







3 thoughts on “Local food is not what you think it is…

  1. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t gone to S.Korea yet. The food! Finally might be going this November, but still in the planning…

    Found your blog through meetup.com btw.


    1. But they do have really delicious food. Maybe need to find a local person to guide. Lol.
      So you join meet up event too? You are welcomed to join the events in “Discover Macau with the Locals” group!


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