First reclamation land project in Macau / 澳門首次的填海工程

The image show the Praia Grande before and after the project
Macau peninsula was only 2.78 square kilometers in 1840. The first land reclamation project was taken place in 1863. The land that have been reclaimed was a beach in Praia Grande.

Do you know how large is Macau peninsula today?

1840年時, 澳門半島面積僅僅只是2.78平方公里. 1863年進行了第一次的填海工程, 就在南灣的沙灘.


(Top) Image source from Wikipedia. Praia Grande drawn by Thomas Allom, published in 1843.

(Bottom) Picture taken in July 2017 by E.T.

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