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Where are the recycle bins?

It popped up to my head to talk about recycling because I have a friend who is a recycler and she have been to various cities that are with strict rules to do recycle. If you have been to Japan, Korea, or some other countries, which they do charge for household garbage, you may see their strict rules of recycling collections.

However, Hong Kong and Macau is different. I am not going to go deep down of the recycling system and the society issues so on.  I would like to pinpoint out that up till nowadays, in Hong Kong and Macau, there are no charges apply to households for waste disposal handling yet, the charges are absorbed by government, which is in turn you might not see that people recycle their stuff in daily lives. In Hong Kong, they have stronger sense because they charge Hong Kong 50 cents for each plastic bag in all shops. So, they bring recycling bag to do shopping.

In Macau, no charge or fine. As for recycling items, there are three main colors, brown, blue, and yellow in representing plastics, papers, and metals respectively. The set of recycling bins usually includes these 3 separate color bins only, then you will see the fourth bin, it is for normal garbage. At most of the places, you may see another bigger bin, it is recycling bin for glass bottle. You can easily tell by the picture sign on the bins.

Image Source from the web

You might want to check the following link for the location of the recycling bins closer to you:

Let’s protect the environment wherever we live or visit!

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