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Constellation Exhibition / 星宿作品展

澳門朋友們, 會否停一停腳步去看星宿嗎?

Take a pause in your daily life, maybe take a moment to look at the stars above the sky?

<<星宿>>藝術展用了個好特別的展示方法去引領觀眾去參與. 置於館中有七支 望遠鏡 設係不同角度, 讓大家可以細緻地慢慢欣賞牆上的作品.

Constellation Exhibition use a special way to lead the visitors to involve. Seven telescopes are placed in the centre at different directions, visitors can explore the images from different perspective.

telescope closeup

老實說, 我對藝術其實不是很懂. 但, 我十分欣賞. <<星宿>>展用望遠鏡去觀察作品這種想法令我十分驚喜. 因為, 透過 望遠鏡 你真的會看到更多細節的東西, 對每幅作品停留時間亦不短. 套用在我們日常身邊事物也一樣, 如果能用多點時間細心觀看, 你會 發現 更多.

In fact, I may not understand art really well, but I do appreciate artworks. The display concept of using telescopes in Constellation Exhibition impressed me. Through the #telescope, you can look into small details of the works, and you will spend quality time on every single image. Applying the same thought to our daily life, it is the same, if we can spend more time to look at things closely, we will discover more.


展期: 2017年5月27號-10月8號
地點: 塔石藝文館
時間: 每日上午十時至晚上九時

Exhibition Period: 2017.05.27 – 10.08
Location: Tap Seac Gallery
Opening hour: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily
Free Admission
Can refer to Cultural Affairs Bureau website for more details : 

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