Macau Souvenir / 澳門紀念品

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You can find souvenir shops easily at the tourist sites or museums.   You can buy fridge magnets, t-shirts, pen, umbrella, or all sorts. As for snacks, we have beef jerky, pork jerky, egg rolls, almond cookies, …etc.

But, do you want something more meaningful to take it back to your home country.  I have a perfect choice for you. “Happy Gift Shop” by Fuhong Society of Macau is a place you may want to visit for Macau souvenirs. There are plenty handcrafted products made by people with disabilities. Fuhong Society of Macau is a local charity registered in 2003, they help people with mental disabilities.

There are one series of souvenirs worth mentioning, those are their signature products as well. They have an artist with autism, his name is Leong Ieng Wai, nickname “0.38“. He got his nickname by his preference of using 0.38mm gel ink pen. He is good in drawing landscape and have beautiful drawings of Macau places with details and good layout.

His drawings can be found on different souvenir products, such as towels, luggage straps umbrellas, mugs, …etc.

You can take a look at their other products too, they have an online store (in chinese language though):
Happy Gift Online store<– click link

But, if you need to buy, I think it is better to visit their retail shop at this location <– click link

Their price is fair, and it is about the same price to other souvenirs in other souvenir shops. If you buy their products, your money will be significant to them! It will be meaningful for you and at the same time it will be meaningful for them.

Other reference links:
Background information of Fuhong Society of Macau

Background information of the artist – “0.38”

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