Sightseeing Spots / 景點

Taipa Bas-reliefs / 氹仔浮雕

Taipa Bas-reliefs was inaugurated in December 1985. It is a 3 dimensional sculpture  designed by artist Dorita Castelo Branco. 

When crossing the Macau Taipa Bridge, you can see it at the top, at the Small Taipa Hill.

The idea of the design was inspired by the Great Wall of China. The bas-reliefs represent the tourist attractions of Macau. The very top is a compass. The next level is some ancient types of transportation such as tricycle and Portuguese ship, and also the Guia Lighthouse.  The following level, there is the Ruin of St. Paul and the Hotel Lisboa. The lowest level is the Dance of the Drunken Dragon.
FullSizeRender 2

Standing at the Taipa Bas-reliefs, you can look over Macau side with this nice view.

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