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New Taipa Ferry Terminal – Newly launched on June 1, 2017 / 新氹仔客運碼頭 2017.06.01 正式啟用


For new Macau visitors, do take note that there are two ferry terminal in Macau which ferry can come from Hong Kong or Shenzhen. Taipa Ferry Terminal is a new one, and was launched on June 1, 2017. This post will cover some key notes that may be helpful to you:

Floor Plan – Ground Floor – Arrival Hall / 地面層 -入境大堂
Ground Floor Plan with Description

Floor Plan –  First Floor – Departure Hall / 地面層 -離境大堂
First Floor Taipa Ferry Terminal with Description

When arrive Macau, off the ferry, exit to the arrival hall, you are already at Ground Floor. When enter the arrival hall, you will face a huge booth, Tourist Centre.

At the hall, a Mobile Phone SIM card vending machine is available by the restroom area.

With good selection of different days and data plan at different price.
Some key plan:
MOP $100 3 Days / MOP $200 7 Days – Detail inclusion refer to the telecom website:
MOP $20 1 Day Local Wi-Fi Unlimited.


Exit the arrival hall, taxi station is right in front of you. So, is the bus station. If you would like to take the free hotel shuttle, it is way further pass the bus station, the departure hall, it is about 5 minutes walk.

Bus information:
Bus Lane A: 26 (Direction to Macau peninsula), 36, MT1, N2 (night shift bus, after midnight)
Bus Lane B: 26 (Direction to Coloane), AP1, MT4
Refer to the above Ground Floor – floor plan for the location

Other site image and info:

First floor – Departure Hall / Ticket Office
Facilities available: Pay phone, mobile phone charging station, luggage trolley

Ground floor – Departure Hall

Ground floor – Arrival Hall



2 thoughts on “New Taipa Ferry Terminal – Newly launched on June 1, 2017 / 新氹仔客運碼頭 2017.06.01 正式啟用

    1. Hi Robert, basically all the bus go to Taipa ferry terminal first then to the Macau airport side. So you need to walk out the airport to go to the opposite side to take bus, either you can:
      1. walk 10 minutes to the “ROTUNDA DO AEROPORTO / WAI LONG” bus stop opposite to the Macau airport. Take bus no. 26 or MT1 and get off at next stop. It is only one stop away. Bus fare is MOP$4.2 per person, if you have Hong Kong dollars, you can pay HKD$4.2.
      2. Walk on foot to Taipa Ferry terminal for 20 -30 minutes if you happen to have map and mobile data in hand
      3. If time allows, take a hotel shuttle to City of Dream, Galaxy Resort, it is nearby the hotel. Then take the hotel shuttle to the airport. In this way, you can take a look at the hotel, and you will not need to pay the bus fare.
      By all means, if you have lots of luggage, you can take taxi, and ask them to do meter, otherwise they will charge you a great deal as you are a tourist. Hopefully you have mobile data, you can search the route ensure they don’t turn you around to charge you more. If you don’t, pretend you have checking GPS something.
      Hope this information help you.


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