Interpreter Service / 翻譯服務

Local Interpreter Guide Service / 本地翻譯服務

localguideFirst priority, you may need one if you do not speak Chinese and you love to visit non-touristy area.

Why do you need a local interpreter guide?

  • Better communication
  • Avoid culture conflict
  • If you would like to walk around the city, I can guide you around without getting lost, or wasting time to find the places.
  • Localise your Macau experience, you probably like to visit a local market, you want to get your pretty nails done, or you want to join a cooking class to cook a Chinese dish or Macanese dish?
  • When taking pictures, how many selfies you can do? Sometimes, you just need someone to help you take the photo with the large buildings or beautiful view behinds, E.T. can be your little helper to take photo for you.


Minimum 2 hours service. Lowest price from USD 5 per hour person.
Extra discount for hiring 2 full days, and super big discount for 3 full days in a row.

Please contact E.T. for more details.

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : @etstyleofmacau


  • If need one to do tourist sight explanation, provide history information,…etc, you will need to contact travel agency to hire a tour guide instead of a interpreter guide.
  • If you only hang around in 4 or 5 stars hotels area and resorts, tourist area, it is not necessary to hire an interpreter guide. Most of the people at the tourist area can speak simple English, can communicate with them without issues.

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